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Bridging Loans are a more expensive form of property finance than a traditional mortgage. it is considered a short-term property funding option which helps to pay for a property before the main line of funding or credit is available.

Bridging Loans Mortgage GuardianFor a variety of reasons, the Bridging Loan industry in the United Kingdom has become very popular in the last few years with overall lending in this sector constantly rising.

Traditionally Bridging Loans were used as short-term financing when a house buyer wanted to complete on a property purchase before actually selling their existing home. The equity in the existing property releases capital needed for the new purchase. The money from the bridging loan allows the buyer to pay for the new house quite quickly and when the existing property sells the proceeds of the sale would be used to purchase the new house, perhaps with the aid of a mortgage as well as pay off the Bridging Loan. Some Bridging Loan providers will allow you to go onto a traditional mortgage rate on a longer-term loan with them once your finances allow.

Decisions and underwriting are very quick with Bridging Loans which makes them an attractive option as opposed to mortgages which takes much longer to underwrite due to the nature of the loan. A bridging loan in effect allows the transaction to happen when otherwise it is not possible when solely using mortgage products. The cost of this convenience is reflected in the interest rate and any associated fees that the finance provider applies.

This is the same case today but in recent years Bridging Loans have been used in many different circumstances. most providers have been creative in allowing bridging finance to be used in a variety of ways.

Unless you are a seasoned user of bridging finance you must be extra careful when taking out bridging finance. Our specialist will guide you through the process and highlight the fees and exit terms of bridging finance.

We have a panel of around 28 Bridging Loan providers and we not only get you the best overall finance to suit your needs but also the most competitive. We will highlight the advantages and possible disadvantages of each financial product so that you can make the right decision. We will also ensure that the exit terms are reasonable and fully explained to you.

All circumstances can be considered such as adverse credit and start-ups. There are also FCA regulated finance products available as well as finance available without exit fees.

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