Foreign National Mortgage

A Foreign National Mortgage requires specialist knowledge to get it right for you. Having a Mortgage Broker with experiences in this field working in your best interests is essential. These types of mortgages provide Foreign Nationals with an opportunity to buy property in the United Kingdom.Foreign National Mortgage Mortgage Guardian

The market is aimed at those wishing to purchase a residential property to live in. It also extends to those who would like to purchase on a “Buy to Let” basis.

Types of Foreign National

  1. Living and working in the UK on a Visa…Typically Tier 1, Tier 2, Ancestry Visa or Family Visa.
  2. Has “indefinite leave to remain” in the UK as a Foreign National.
  3. Living overseas with ties to the UK who would like to buy a property on a residential basis for the family to live in. Not to be confused with Expat mortgages!
  4. An overseas borrower looking to buy a property in the UK for investment purposes.

Not all mortgage lenders will accept applications from Foreign Nationals. Our job is to find out more about you and your financial circumstances before narrowing down which mortgage lenders are the best for you.

Once we have narrowed down the mortgage lenders that will potentially provide you with a mortgage, we can examine which lenders have the best rates and the most suitable terms. It is always a balance between finding the lender who will ultimately lend and balance the cost of the mortgage too.

As with any mortgage of a specialist nature, it helps to understand client circumstances and what is available from Mortgage Lenders.

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