Million Plus Mortgages

A Million Plus Mortgage is a mortgage for One Million Pounds or more. Arranging High Net Worth Mortgages for luxury property is a specialist field within the Mortgage Industry and requires careful planning on our side. Sometimes referred to as Million Plus Mortgages , Large Mortgage Loans, High Net Worth Mortgages, knowing how to meet your expectations, having contacts within the banking sector as well as experience in the field is key to success.

Million Plus Mortgages Mortgage GuardianClients purchasing luxury property usually need flexibility and tailor made solutions from a range of specialist lenders which include the specialist departments of well known mortgage lenders, Private Banks, Boutique Lenders and Private Investors. These lenders can use multiple income streams and assets such as Stock Portfolio, Pension Plans, International Property and Offshore structures as security.

Whether you are buying a luxury residential property within the capital city, further afield or overseas then we can tailor make the best deal for you and provide a range of options. We can also help you remortgage an existing property as well as help you if you are looking for luxury commercial premises. Special Purpose Entity, Trusts and Foundations are all areas of expertise.

We can also help you if you are a foreign national or expatriate returning to the UK.

Whatever your situation we will use our Global contacts to help you efficiently purchase your new luxury property with special lending rates to suit your circumstances. We also have external research facilities which allow us to find the most suitable mortgage for you. Whilst we regularly arrange high value mortgages for our clients, researching what we can do for you is an important part of our service.

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