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Mortgage Guardian – Getting a Mortgage is often the key which turns your dreams into reality whether its to help buy a property at home, abroad, for investment purposes or a commercial interest to name but a few. Even a remortgage can play an important role in your financial plans. You may want to raise capital or take advantage of the many schemes out there which help first time buyers get on the property ladder for the very first time. Green mortgages which are environmentally friendly are in demand. Your circumstances could prevent you from getting a mortgage or good rate with one lender but doors can open with other mortgage lenders if you have a good mortgage broker on your side who has experience and the scope to search the whole marketplace.

Mortgage Guardian Mortgage Guardian

We have the knowledge and experience to help you with most types of mortgages. Mainstream Residential Mortgages work differently to Overseas Mortgages as does Commercial, Equity Release, Bridging Finance, Specialist and Luxury Property Mortgages. Whilst there are many very good “Whole of Market” mortgage advisers on hand to help you with standard mortgages, not all of them have the skill, knowledge or contacts that we have to help you in certain specialist areas.

This is where we come in……..

Mortgage Guardian will help you get a mortgage whether standard or specialist. We will also meet your expectations in terms of advice, service and fees.

Why Use Us?

  • Our Objective is to save you time, money and added stress by searching the whole marketplace for your mortgage. We will get you the best mortgage for your circumstances as well as meeting your expectations.
  • We actually listen to what you want and take into account your needs now and in the future in relation to your mortgage.
  • Mortgage Guardian work’s exclusively for our clients serving your best interests first and foremost.
  • We work closely with standard and specialist mortgage lenders on a continual basis ensuring standards and service levels remain high.
  • We will help you get a mortgage as well as find the best mortgage products selecting those who will provide you with an outstanding level service.
  • We are knowledgeable and highly experienced in the specialist area that we work in whilst putting client needs first and foremost.

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