Overseas Mortgages 

Buying property overseas is experiencing a big surge in popularity at the moment and unless you have the cash to purchase outright you may be considering taking out a mortgage on your new overseas property.

Overseas Mortgages Mortgage GuardianTalking to one of our specialist overseas mortgage advisers will prove wholly beneficial for you as they not only have experience in arranging mortgages for property overseas, they also have a wealth of experience that they can pass on to you as well as trusted local contacts in the country where you want to buy to make life easier.

There’s a whole host of reasons why buying property overseas has become popular. Perhaps the dream of having your own holiday home or an investment whereby you can make a capital appreciation is your main reason. Making a profit after renting the property to or simply buying for retirement is perhaps an attractive option with an affordable international mortgage.

Don’t just accept mortgage advice from the property developer or estate agent in the country you want to buy. Look at the various options and compare.

There are several ways to achieve buying your dream home abroad:

Remortgage to buy your Overseas Property

If you have enough equity in a property you own whether it is in the UK or Overseas you can release some of the equity to purchase your new property outright or even enough for your deposit and fees.

If this is something of interest then please call us to discuss and we will put you in touch with the right adviser.

Take out a Mortgage from a UK Mortgage Lender

There are some UK based Banks and Mortgage Lenders who will consider lending on property overseas. Quite often these UK lenders will have branches in the country where you want to buy. We have specialist overseas mortgage advisers who specialise in providing mortgage advice for people wanting to finance their new overseas property from UK lenders for peace of mind.

Please get in touch and we will do the rest.

Borrow from a Mortgage Lender Abroad

Another option is to borrow the money from a bank in the country where you want to buy with the help of one of our overseas mortgage advisers. Our advisers will know which Banks and Lending institutions to approach as well as the lending criteria, the fees as well as the whole process of each. Most applications are looked at on an individual basis so it helps our advisers to have good relations with the lenders direct. Your international mortgage adviser will be able to present the application on your behalf to the Bank who will accept your application and current circumstances as well as getting the best terms.

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