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RAF Mortgages Mortgage Guardian

RAF Mortgages

RAF Mortgages is a term used to describe a mortgage which is suitable for serving RAF personnel whos circumstances are unique in comparison to their civilian counterpart.

RAF Mortgages Mortgage GuardianYou might be hard-pressed to find RAF Mortgages on the high street catering exclusively for Royal Air Force personnel, but what could be more important is finding a mortgage lender who can potentially take your unique circumstances into account.  This is where working with an experienced Mortgage Broker could be important because we have access to the whole of the mortgage market. We know what possible challenges you might be faced with during your career. There are well over 100 mortgage lenders we can approach on your behalf with some being more flexible with their criteria than others when it comes to serving RAF personnel.

If RAF Mortgages is something you would like to know more about please give us a call on

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Having served for over a decade myself with the RAF I know what challenges you may face during your career when it comes to home ownership and getting a mortgage. There is a desire to be treated just like your civilian counterpart when getting a mortgage but there is also an expectation to be treated differently when the need arises. I am here to give you advice which is tailor-made for you.

So, in a nutshell, we can help you when you need a competitively priced mortgage as well as helping place a mortgage when you require that little bit of extra flexibility.

When looking at the different options, everything is cafeteria style which means you can take what you want and leave what you do not want.

Forces Help to Buy Scheme

This scheme has now been extended to December 2018 – Hurry!

RAF Mortgages Mortgage GuardianThis is a scheme which benefits regular armed forces personnel including all serving members of the RAF. Over the years this scheme has helped many armed forces personnel get onto the property ladder and be able to move out of married quarters.

You can borrow up to 50% of your annual salary to a maximum of £25,000 to help buy your first home or help you move to a new home. Funds can be used as a deposit on your new home or help with fees such as solicitor’s fees and estate agent’s fees.

You can apply online via the Joint Personnel Administration system.

You can find more details about the scheme here on the .GOV website: RAF Mortgages

I will spend a little time with you over the telephone getting to know your circumstances and what you want to achieve before sourcing the best mortgage for your needs. We do subscribe to the best research tools available in the industry as well as having a vast amount of experience.

Limited Credit Score

Some serving RAF personnel have a limited credit score due to the nature of the job! It could be that you live at a BFPO address or have been on detachment and getting a good credit score has not been your main focus.

If you are looking to buy your first or second home, then we can help. Some lenders will be prepared to look at your application with a fresh set of eyes.

Due to the nature of the job some serving RAF personnel may have late or missed payments on credit commitments. If this is the case then we can help here too. We will just need to see a copy of an up to date copy of your credit file to be able to place the mortgage more accurately with a suitable mortgage lender.

We have an array of facilities available such as mortgage lenders who will personally mortgage underwrite applications from serving RAF personnel as well as lenders who don’t put so much emphasis on the credit score. We can also advise how to increase your credit score should that be necessary.

Low Deposit – Up to 95% Loan to Value

There is good news when it comes to first-time buyers! We can help if you only have a low deposit available to put down on a home for yourself and your family.

However, the higher your deposit the more choice you have when it comes to choosing a mortgage lender and a more competitive interest rate. A higher deposit means you are much lower risk to the mortgage lender and your interest rate will reflect this.

There are plenty of mortgage lenders who will be glad to give a mortgage to serving RAF personnel.

Buying in the UK when Stationed Overseas

This is one big advantage a member of the armed forces has over their civilian counterpart. A civilian working abroad would have to apply for a special Expat mortgage which is limiting and more expensive. Overseas serving forces personnel have the advantage of the BFPO address. Each BFPO address worldwide has been assigned a UK postcode which will make you eligible for a standard residential mortgage. Out of interest, this includes ships for Royal Navy personnel.

This not only means that you will be classed as living at a UK address for mortgage purposes but also means that your credit score will not be affected due to you being out of the country.

We have the latest BFPO location document which cross-refers your BFPO address to a standard postcode recognised by mortgage lenders, credit reference agencies and the Royal Mail.

Example: BFPO 57 which is RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus has a Royal Mail recognised postcode which is BF1 2AT

Long Periods of Unoccupancy Allowed

RAF Mortgages Mortgage GuardianMortgage Lenders generally do not like to lend to professionals who may leave the property unoccupied for long periods of time. This is a worry for lenders as the property could fall into disrepair. This is something that can be taken into account with members of the armed forces.

If you are posted away or sent on detachment for long periods of time mortgage lenders will be more receptive to the idea if it is a member of the armed forces. Some lenders will have this as a caveat in their lending criteria specifically mentioning Armed Forces personnel.

Allowing RAF Personnel to Rent the Property on a Residential Mortgage

Mortgage lenders generally like to grant mortgages to people who are going to live in the property and care for it as their home on a long-term basis. Some lenders understand that Military personnel will get posted away for long periods of time. In many cases, RAF personnel will sell up and buy a home in their new location. For others, it is either not possible or they would rather rent out the property for the duration of their posting.

There are lenders who will give permission and allow RAF personnel to rent out their property whilst serving away from the property location.

RAF Veterans

We are certainly happy to help RAF Veterans with their mortgage requirements. I have helped several RAF Veterans buy property in the UK after they moved overseas when their RAF service ended.

I also regularly help RAF Veterans with remortgages. This helps to get a better rate by way of switching lenders or product transfer. This can enable facilities to be added to the mortgage so that regular overpayments can be made so that the mortgage can be repaid earlier. We can also help with capital raising for a wide range of reasons including home improvements.

Current employment income can be used as well as pension income if necessary.

Mortgages for veterans are not RAF Mortgages per se but we still take your circumstances into account when arranging your mortgage.

Who else do we help?

It is not just RAF Mortgages that we specialise in but Armed Forces Mortgages or Military Mortgages too. This includes Army Mortgages, Navy Mortgages incorporating Royal Marines Mortgages as well.

If RAF Mortgages is something you would like to know more about please give us a call on

0115 714 1988 or 07504 262 317

RAF100: This year the RAF celebrated its Centenary.

Supporting the RAF Benevolent Fund

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