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Remortgage Raise Capital

The weird and wonderful reasons clients remortgage raise capital

On 24th September 2018 I wrote an article called “The weird and wonderful reasons clients remortgage to raise capital”. This was written for Mortgage Solutions magazine. Mortgage Solutions is an industry publication that represents the mortgage intermediary market. The aim of the article was to highlight some of the unusual and sometimes fascinating reasons why people want to raise capital against the equity in their home.

Remortgage Raise Capital Mortgage Guardian

You can read the article here!

Capital Raising Reasons – The weird and wonderful reasons clients remortgage raise capital

People often capital raise against their home when remortgaging. This can be for a variety of reasons such as:

– Home improvements which include fitted kitchens, bathrooms, replacement windows, and conservatories.

– Buying the freehold of flat.Remortgage Raise Capital Mortgage Guardian

– A holiday of a lifetime.

– School fees and University Education.

– Buying additional land.

– A New Car

– Pay off unsecured debt

– Pay off a second charge which is on your property

– Buy an additional property or gift a deposit to a family member

…..and now dental treatment abroad

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Traveling Abroad for Dental Treatment

From time to time people ask me to help them capital raise against their property. The aim is to release equity so that they can sometimes purchase unusual items. The main topic of conversation within the article was a client of mine called George. He successfully capital raised so that he can travel to Hungary for dental treatment. I thought George was doing something that was both awesome and inspiring as well as something that was definitely wonderful.

Remortgage – The weird and wonderful reasons clients remortgage raise capital

As far as the Mortgage was concerned, I was able to help George with his remortgage and capital raising objectives. His financial circumstances allowed him to do this taking into account his income and financial commitments.

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