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A Mortgage is a special type of loan which is is taken out when purchasing or refinancing a property. This type of loan is structured in several different ways to take into account the applicants circumstances, type of property as well as the interest and original loan amount which is repayable.

Applicant Circumstances

There are many different mortgage lenders in the UK and each lender will have a different type of customer which they want to attract. Perhaps the applicant is :

  • First Time Buyer
  • Buying a property Overseas
  • Refinancing
  • Buying a property for investment purposes
  • Purchasing a commercial property
  • Buying their council house
  • Taking out a mortgage in excess of £1 million
  • Needing to release some equity from their main residence once retired
  • Buying as a group
  • Needing advice on Bad Credit Mortgages
  • Self Employed / Contract Worker
  • Requiring a mortgage for Professionals such as Doctors, Teachers or Dentists

Type of Property

Not all lenders will lend on every type of property. Your mortgage adviser will be able to help on all types of property such as:

  • Normal “Bricks and Mortar” Properties
  • High Rise Flats
  • Non Standard Construction
  • Concrete Construction
  • Self Build
  • Thatched Roof Properties
  • Park Homes
  • Scandinavian Log Cabins
  • Flats over Shops and Commercial Property
  • Derelict Properties
  • Single Brick Construction



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