River Table Charity Project

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River Table Charity Project


A Personal Thank You From Chris…

Thank you to everyone who has supported the river table charity project. I really appreciate it. There is still a lot to do but I can assure you that it will be worth the wait. Just a bit of basic info for now on this page but I will keep on updating the page whenever I get a moment. If you have any questions ask and I will publish the sensible ones here! Some interesting photos at the bottom of this post.

What’s a River Table?

A river table in simple terms is two pieces of waney edge wood with a river of materials running between the wood. Live edge wood with a stream of epoxy resin has become a popular trend in recent years because the tables are durable and look great. Our river table will look amazing once finished.

About the Project

In a nutshell, the plan is to build a river table with a bit of a difference and then raffle off the table in aid of a good charity! We have not chosen a charity yet but I hope that you will help us decide.

River tables are made by placing two pieces of wood in a frame and pouring epoxy resin between the two pieces of wood. The main difference is that I am going to place well over 100 mortgage-related branded pens between the two bits of wood before pouring clear epoxy resin over the pens. It’s not quite that simple but that’s the gist of it!

The Charity

From day one I have wanted a charity to benefit from the project and I will invite mortgage advisers, lenders, and mortgage intermediary partners on Linkedin to help choose. I will be running a poll on Linkedin soon to determine which type of charity you want to choose and then finally which charity.

  • Mental Health
  • Homeless
  • Children’s

I have not forgotten Ukraine!

What’s Happened So Far?


The wood (on the left) has been sourced from a local Forest here in Yorkshire.

Now cut to size, planed, and is now acclimatising indoors until July/August 2022. Then we will start to make the table soon after.

I am still collecting pens!!!





Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you fancy having your pen (and maybe a few more than everyone else) in a more prominent position in the river? How about having your company name engraved on the table and mentioned in the official press release? The table is unique and all sponsors will have the opportunity for a photoshoot with the table.

Whilst we costed out the project beforehand, the width of the river will be 4 times greater than first planned due to the way the table was cut to preserve the ‘live edge’. Reducing the width of the river is an option but not an option I would like to take.  The cost of resin is perhaps the most expensive part of the project.

Either way, the project is still going to go ahead!

Please get in touch with me, Chris on 07504 262 317 to discuss sponsorship options.

Mock Up!

I know many are curious about what the river table will look like so I popped the wood on top of my glass patio table in the back garden and chucked a load of pens in the middle. I even got some help from Melissa who was keen to sort through all of the pens.

Although the wood overhung the patio table by 30cm, I still managed to get in 129 different pens in the river.

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