10 Easy Steps to Getting a Mortgage

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It is our job to take away the stress, confusion and hard work when trying to get a mortgage!

Step 1 – It is always a good start to have a conversation over the phone and discuss what you are looking to achieve now and in the future. It is also a good opportunity for us to find out a little about your current circumstances.

Step 2 – We will send out an “Introduction Pack” by email and then we will spend some time going through some of the forms over the phone, especially one called the fact find.

Step 3 – I will advise which forms need signing and sending back and will include a client agreement form which instructs us to act on your behalf.

Step 4 – We will need to see proof of ID, Proof of Residency and also evidence of Income. We will send out a list of everything we need.

Step 5 – Based on all of the information you have given us we will source the most suitable mortgage for you and come back to you with some options. We may speak to some lenders on your behalf to make sure that your application for a mortgage is going to be successful.

Step 6 – We will get a “Decision in Principle” done for you. This is sometimes called an “Agreement in Principle”. If successful, then we will progress your application. If not it is back to the drawing board.

Step 7 – We will produce all of the illustrations, Quotations and Key Facts Documents for you for the Mortgage and any Insurance Products that are relevant to your circumstances. We will thoroughly discuss our recommendations with you backed up with evidence of research.

Step 8 – At this point we will apply for the mortgage if you are happy to proceed and will check again that all needed documentation has been provided. We will also send you a report outlining our reasons for recommending the mortgage type that we have applied for.

Step 9 – We will case manage the mortgage process ensuring that the application has been approved, all documentation is provided to the lender ensuring that valuation is instructed and that we are on track to receive a mortgage offer in due course. We will of course liaise with any third parties such as estate agents and solicitors on your behalf should you wish. It is all part of the service!

Step 10 – Mortgage offer! This is basically your finance sorted on the new property or remortgage.

Once you have your mortgage offer you will be reliant on the solicitor and estate agent to complete the purchase process for you. The first step is usually “Exchange of Contracts” with “Completion” set for a date shortly afterwards. Sometimes both can be done on the same day.

If this is a Remortgage then you are reliant upon the solicitor to complete the process.

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