What We Charge For Our Mortgage Service


What will we charge you?

We will not charge you a penny! It sounds too good to be true but our service is completely free for you to use. This is not to say that we don’t get paid for what we do. The mortgage adviser who we refer you to will gladly pay us a small introducer fee for the valuable and outstanding work that we do without passing on any of the cost to you.

Is it cheaper to go direct?

The answer is simply no! Our core value is to provide an additional service and safety net without the cost being passed onto you, the consumer. All of the mortgage brokers we deal with will get paid a fee by the lender and most but not all will charge a reasonable broker fee on top which is standard in today’s market place. If they do charge a fee then it will be the same whether you go through us or go direct. We want to ensure that there is absolutely no fee for using our service and there is a binding agreement between our brokers that any fee we receive is not built in as either a transparent or hidden cost.

How can your service be free?

Well, as explained we get paid by the mortgage broker and you do not pay for our fee either directly or indirectly.

Most mortgage brokers realise that there is a cost in attracting new clients whether the cost is in time or a financial cost for marketing or advertising. We not only save the mortgage adviser a lot of time but also our job is to do our best to attract new clients through good marketing practices. All of our mortgage advisers see a value in what we do and are happy to pay us as it is often less expensive and saves them time compared to marketing for their own clients.